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When it comes to having your Aga serviced you want to make sure you’ve got the right person for the job. With over 10 years of experience and first-hand training received by the AGA trainers in Telford; this is where we come in.

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The beating heart of your home

AGA cookers have a reputation for being reliable and lasting forever. However, they still require a certain amount of care and attention.
Having your Aga serviced at regular intervals (12 months for gas – 6 months for oil ), will keep your Aga running for longer and reduce the chance of those unwanted breakdowns.

What does an AGA service involve?

A service of an Aga is a good opportunity for your engineer to give the burner unit a good clean, including the main burner, main injector and the pilot assembly and injector.

We can then test all the components are working as they should, such as the ignition unit and the safety devices. As well as testing the safe operation of the chimney or flue.

Most importantly, we will ensure there are no gas leaks have developed and that your AGA is in safe working condition.

What does an oil AGA service involve?

With an oil-fired Aga, the service interval is every 6 months. Some may run longer and some may run for a shorter period before requiring a service.

You will know your oil-fired Aga is getting ready for a service as the mercury on the heat indicator will start to show that your Aga is slowly losing its temperature.

When servicing an oil AGA the burner is removed from the AGA. The burner, including all the channels and pots along with the oil fill pipe (Bundy tube), is scraped clean of any carbon build-up.

New wicks are fitted if required and the burner reassembled and checked for level.

The oil depth in the burner is critical to the safe and efficient operation and is checked before lighting.

We are also checking and cleaning the oil control valve as necessary, making sure there is a good strong flow of oil and that the control is clear of sludge. Cleaning the metering stem as well.

Once all this is done and reassembled we relight your AGA and make sure the flue is operating as it should and that the burner settings are correct.

If you need an AGA service in West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas then give us a call or fill in the form.

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