Balanced flue Aga that wouldn’t stay lit

Do you have a balanced flue Aga? Is it becoming increasingly more unreliable? Are you at the infuriating stage? Where if you turn it slightly above a certain point on the thermostat it clicks off? If this is sound familiar then it’s more than likely the seals within the Aga have failed and you need a top-end rebuild.

Why is my balanced flue aga going out all the time?

A balanced flue Aga is a room sealed appliance. This means that the burner and the flue system are completely sealed off from the room. The air the Aga needs for combustion is taken in the outer flue. The products of combustion are expelled through the inner flue.

During normal operation, the flue gasses and the air for combustion can’t mix so you get complete combustion and a happy Aga.

If the seals in your balanced flue Aga have failed this means the flue gasses and the air intake can mix. Meaning the burner can’t get enough oxygen to stay lit and will cause flame lift. This causes the pilot to lift away from the thermocouple. The thermocouple then cools down and interrupts the signal to the gas valve.

Another way your Aga can be affected by failed seals is the wind. If the seals have failed more air can be pushed into the aga than can be pushed out of the flue. This causes the flame to be blown around and as above the thermocouple will cool down and cut the gas supply.

How do I stop my balanced flue Aga going out?

The only way to stop this is to have a specialist Aga engineer out to do a seals check and a top-end rebuild.

Balanced Flue Aga seals check

So we have established your Aga has a potentially got a failed seal or seals and you want to get the problem resolved.

Your Specialist Aga engineers will know what to do.

The Top plate needs to be removed and the top half of the insulation removed. We then do a smoke test to see where the seals have failed. It is then a case of stripping down the top half of the cooker. Before rebuilding with new seals, revelling and repacking with insulation.

The end result is an Aga that works as well as the day it was put in. No more frustrating battles with the control knob,  and endless hours relighting it.

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