Aga Builder/Dismantler

Unlike conventional ovens and range cookers, an AGA arrives into your home in kit form and is assembled in position from the ground up. First, the base plate is installed onto your plinth, the ovens and combustion chamber are then installed and bolted to the front plate. The ovens are all set, levelled and sealed by your engineer on site.

An AGA should not be moved in one piece. As its not a rigid appliance, attempting to move in one piece will risk the integrity of the flue-ways and the other seals.

If your Aga needs to be moved or transported then there is no other way than to have it professionally dismantled.

Whether you have bought a preloved Aga that you need stripping down and collecting, or your Aga needs moving while you renovate, or you just want the Aga removed then we can help.

oil aga servicing

Having an Aga installed

The best time to have an Aga installed in your kitchen is before the kitchen units go in but after the wall behind the Aga has been tiled or the splash-back has been fitted.

The finished floor should be level and ready with a plinth for your AGA to sit on.

Having and Aga dismantled

To have an Aga professionally dismantled will take around half a day. The dismantling and removal of an Aga can be quite a dusty and messy job, but rest assured as professionals we know your home is your castle and we always take the time to treat your home with care and respect.

First the top plate is released and the insulation is carefully removed and bagged up. The individual components can then be unbolted and detached before stacking neatly onto a pallet.

Oil AGA burner disassembled